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Feeling Uncomfortable When

  • Caught in a bad trip and unsure how to escape it?
  • Offered a new substance by friends?

searching for:

  • Someone to give you informed, judgment-free advice?
  • Information on the effects of mixing recreational substances?

Do you know

  • Your personal tolerance levels?
  • How a substance affect your mind and body?

Junasty is your interactive guide to responsible use and mixing

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The information on our platform is sourced from credible outlets, including peer-reviewed research and government agencies.

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Play and mix as much as you want!  Fun, interactive and non-judgmental virtual environment.


Junasty provides essential information to reduce your risk of injury or overdose, navigate through a bad trip, and manage calm-down situations effectively.

“We understand how scary it feels to use substances without knowing what’s inside and how it may affect you”

“We understand the frustration of searching through multiple pages for information on substances and mixing, only to find incomplete, outdated, and scattered information.”

“We know how unpleasant a bad trip could be, and how harsh a “down” can feel.”

“We also looked for friendly, non-judgmental advice on recreational substances for a long time.”

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At Junasty, we understand that you want to enjoy your psychedelic experience to the fullest while staying safe. To achieve this, it’s crucial to be well-informed about what you’re consuming. The challenge is that vital information on recreational substances is scattered across multiple sources, often conflicting and outdated, leading to confusion and worry.

We believe every adult should have convenient access to up-to-date, life-saving information in one place, without fear or judgment.

We know how scary it can be to consume uncontrolled substances without knowing what’s inside or how they might affect you. That’s why we’re committed to integrating the latest technology and regularly updating our databases, ensuring you get the most current information within seconds.

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